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Exprom is the sole distributor of Houchin Aerospace equipment in the territory of Poland.







GPU C490


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The new Houchin Model C490 Ground Power Unit is capable of supplying up to 100kVA 115/200V AC 400Hz with optional 28V DC. The C490 i fitted with the latest Houchin digital control panel and a Cummins QSB 4.5 litre EU Stage IIIA Emission compliant engine.




The new microprocessor controlled Houchin digital control panel displays live data from the engine and alternator. Such as engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption, AVR data, alternator frequency and voltage.


The unit stores 50 usage logs and 50 fault logs. In the event of a fault, the system will capture the operating data of the engine and alternator at the time of the fault and display it on the LCD screen.



GPU C690


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The Houchin Model C690 Ground Power Unit is capable of supplying 90-140kVA 115/200V AC 400Hz with optional 28v DC. The C690 is fitted with a Cummins QSB 6.7 litre EU Stage IIIA EU Emission compliant engine.


Units can be fitted with a range of optional equipment, some of which include:


·      Mounting unit on a trailer (standard), on truck (Iveco, Mercedes or any other), or skid mounted version for hangar use.


·           Pre-Set or adjustable Current Limit on DC output


·      Very Cold Start aid allowing the GPU to operate at ambient temperature up to -30°C.


·      Houchin Magnetic Towbar Interlock system, preventing the unit from being towed away whilst the unit is still connected to an aircraft.




·      Output cables with various lengths and socket type suiting the needs of the user.


·     Painting the canopies in Corporation colours and logos.


The above together with high quality of the materials used and advanced production technology make the Houchin GPU capable of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding users.


All photos by Houchin Aerospace.



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